The Copper Pet Bowl

Smart hydration for healthier pets

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Oh Hello there Pet Lovers!

Take your pet's hydration to the next level

Take a paws and admire the beautiful rose gold Copper Pet Bowl! Not only will your best friend's new water source look Instagram-worthy, but the copper water bowl has some incredible health benefits. Who knew a water bowl could be so smart?

Fresh and Clean

Copper is naturally antimicrobial and prevents growth of bacteria in your pet’s water. Say goodbye to gross biofilm that accumulates in other types of pet bowls. The water keeps fresh and clean.

Super Mineral

Copper has been shown to slow aging, support immunity, improve fur, eliminate toxins, aid in maintaining lean muscle and help fight off disease and boost brain power.

Pet Friendly Design

Aesthetically appealing design with a beautiful rose gold hue. The bowl has a flat design and a silicone-rubber base that sticks to the floor minimizing any spillage.